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You depend on your insurance provider to take care of you after a powerful storm damages your home or 业务. 作为一家寻求盈利的公司, 虽然, 你的保险公司可能会尝试不可接受的策略来拒绝或降低你的索赔, 让你陷入财务困境.

When an insurance company is giving you a difficult time or disrespecting your storm damage insurance claim, 转向 路易斯安那州风暴损害律师 of 肖邦律师事务所. 凭借超过50年的综合经验, 我们有能力与顽固的保险公司正面交锋, 包括全国性的品牌,有专门的法律部门来关闭索赔. 无论你的家还是你的生意在暴风雨中被摧毁, 洪水, 或飓风, 我们希望成为您索赔时第一个寻求帮助的法律团队.

刻度盘 (504) 475-2429 现在和我们的一位律师讨论你的风暴损害保险案件.


我们的 路易斯安那州风暴损害索赔律师 focus on helping clients who have already filed a claim 但 are now encountering unexpected issues due to insurance company interference. 当未来突然变得不确定时,我们可以为你挺身而出. 你应该自由地关注你生活的其他部分, 喜欢你的工作, 业务, 教育, 或家庭, 而我们可以处理你的案子因为我们可以从头到尾管理好所有方面.


  • 拒绝你的要求: 否认索赔本身并非不正确, 但, 在很多情况下, 拒绝是武断的,或者是由于对政策规则的一些误解. We can challenge insurance companies who have wrongfully denied your storm damage claim and demand full compensation for your owed coverage and possibly additional damages for the hardship the wrongful denial caused you.
  • 拖欠款项: An insurance bad faith tactic we have seen often as property damage insurance attorneys is delaying payments once they are approved. Some insurers wait as long as legally possible – or longer – before giving payment or settlement to a policyholder. The objective might be to hope you lose track of the payments and not realize you have not been fully compensated.
  • 低估损害: 保险 companies will send an adjuster to your home or 业务 after a storm to see the extent of the damage up close. Dishonest insurance adjusters can intentionally undervalue the total damages by downplaying the severity of the damage or insist that some of the damage existed before the storm passed.
  • 威胁要取消您的保单: 一场暴风雨过后,路易斯安那州一片狼藉, 有些人收到通知,他们的保单将很快被取消,这让他们感到震惊. This tactic is used to try to escape all accountability by dropping the claimant before they have a chance to file a storm damage insurance claim.


Would you like to know more about your rights as a storm damage policyholder after your insurance provider denied, 被低估的, 或者延迟索赔? 您可以从拨号开始 (504) 475-2429 安排a 自由案例求值 肖邦律师事务所有限责任公司. 我们的 路易斯安那州风暴损害律师 can review the key details of your policy and any letters from your insurer to determine if you should be pursuing an appeal or lawsuit.


我们目前正在听取受到影响的客户的意见 飓风劳拉它于2020年8月下旬席卷了路易斯安那州. 如果你需要帮助准备, 申请, 或者继续你的飓风劳拉损失索赔, 那就不要犹豫,365bet的律师事务所吧.

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